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My biggest love about books is that I read about other people. I love almost all book types though am a little iffy about horror triller books.

Born at Midnight

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

Author: c.c hunter

series: Shadow Falls #1

Page Count: 398

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (2011)

Source: Paperback


This amazing series is about a girl name Kylie Galen who goes though a lot to try to, and figure out what she is. In this first book Kylie goes though a lot of stuff that she has to come to terms with, and except. Like her parents divorce, her best friends partying ways, knowing that she's is not 100% human, that she has a ghost following her. And to top it off being at Shadow Falls and not really fitting in anywhere. 


 Born at Midnight is such a gripping book for the fact you want to know what Kylie is and if she's a a fairy, werewolf, vampire, witch or even a shapeshifters. I will say these though Kylie can be annoying at times when she's trying to decide what to do in certain things. Like the love triangle between Luke the werewolf and old friend from the neighborhood or Derek the half Fae who can read her emotions like a open book. In Born in Midnight its more about Derek and her up and down relationship. I don't know how I feel about the love triangle just yet or who I would rather her be with, I believe she has enough on her plate to be pushed into a relationship but that's just me. 


Other awesome characters are pretty much all of them my favortie is Della the vampire roommate of Kylie. These doesn't mean I don't love the other characters because I do all of them are a whole lot of fun and bring relief and drama when they show up. If you can't tell i love this book and though it took me awhile to get this series this is one of my top favorites of 2014.