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My biggest love about books is that I read about other people. I love almost all book types though am a little iffy about horror triller books.


Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Well it seems that I got bite by the Luna Chronicles bug that seems to have gotten to everyone. And am okay with that. Cinder is my first fairy tale re-telling and am glad that I started with the Luna Chronicles series. Marissa Meyers shows how to take a tale that everyone who grew up watching Cinderella with a new twist. Like how its not a regular girl but a cyborg, or that its not in a fairyland but in a futurist New Beijing. Also it's not about girl meets guy and falls in love, but have real problems.

The Story: In Commonwealth the people are suffering from a plague that is killing them faster then they can figure out where its coming from or how to cure it. Its interesting that Meyer Marissa made New Beijing into a futurist world where technology pretty much rule everything. There is some similarities in the both stories but even those have a difference in it. Case in point there is still the stepmother and sisters. However in this spin Cinder became a legal guardian to the father after a trip to Africa. Or that the youngest sister Peony is actual nice to Cinder. Its things like that that makes the story different and not the same.

The Characters: One thing I enjoyed is that we saw the prince more in this book then we every did in the Cinderella. Not only that but you see things in his point of view. Prince Kia has so much things to deal with at such a young age, but he's all for the people like he should be. I enjoyed Cinder and how she doesn't fall right for Prince Kia. It was a lot like a cat and mouse chase between them more her than him. But Cinder also showed her insecure about being part cyborg and tries to hide it. Loved Iko best for she had one of the corkys personalities I've read a book in awhile.

Villian: Of course goes to Queen Levana because no one can top her in craziness. I love how she was so proud that on the moon none of her people does raids. Will no crap you can control them to think anything you want. How scary is that plus the fact you don't know what her face looks like thanks to glamours. She one crazy bitch with a capital B and she just calls it politics.

I fell like I've gushed enough and its time to start Scarlet to see what happened after a ending like that.